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    Hi! This is Jamie Meier, Photographer and Owner of Live Love Lens Photography. That's me to the <--- left with my family (4.5 yr old Jade, 17 mo Levi, and handsome hubby, ageless). :)

    I absolutely LOVE being a Photographer and I can't wait to work with you and your loved ones. I work hard to capture you being YOU. Please browse my photo galleries to get a feel for the images we will create together.

    I am based in Maplewood, NJ (Essex County). Here's a little note about our move to town!

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You must take SO MANY pictures of your kids!!

One of the most common things I hear when people learn I’m a photographer is “Wow you must have SO MANY pictures of your kids!!” And my response is usually something like this, “Um, sorta, yea…well, not really actually.” I DO take a ton of pics on my Smartphone just like you – and I’m lucky if a few come out halfway decent (see – we’re not that different!). But I do NOT take a lot of photos with my good camera (even if you see some online!). The truth is my good camera is just too heavy to tote around, especially with my two little ones by myself. I know you get it – how many of you actually bring your spiffy DSLR with you to the playground during the week? We carry enough cr*p around with us.  And of course a camera needs its own bag or it will soon be coated with lollipop goop and spilled milk. Maybe when my kids are older and I have less than ten sippy cups and twenty-five different snacks with me at all times, then it might actually make an appearance on a Thursday at 1pm.

I follow A LOT of professional photographers on various forms of social media (A LOT!) and I am in awe of two things on a daily basis – first, their unbelievable gift. Nothing like comparing yourself with off-the-chart talent every few hours. And, two, how on earth do they they wind up in a perfect field of blue bonnets on a Tuesday with their beautifully-dressed small children in gorgeous, glowing sunlight?! I am flabbergasted. I can barely get my kids’ shoes on and out the door to their activities on time.

So, to answer your question…I take “those” types of photos every so often, usually when my husband is with us so he can jump up and down like a fool behind me to bring out those genuine smiles and giggles. Or at least keep the toddler from running away the second his feet touch the ground. I do take lots of day-to-day photos on my phone, but it wasn’t until recently that I started grabbing my good camera to snap those daily moments, ones that I know will be gone in an instant.

Here are two of my favorites from last week. Jade LOVES painting her own toenails – it’s amazing how terrible it looks and how she does not care one bit – in her eyes it’s beautiful and she is so proud of herself,  who am I to stop her?! Neon orange polish all over the place and then some.  The next is my kids wrestling/tickling Daddy after getting home from work one night. They could do this all night, and I could watch them forever. It’s nonstop giggling, mixed with some dramatic shrieking :). And Levi is in that pile somewhere…

I share with you my first two “Day to Day” images…can’t wait to share more and I hope to see more of your daily lives as well! Tag #livelovelens in any posts you want to share with me – I would love to see yours and share!




*Frozen* Family of five {Maplewood, South Orange, NJ Photographer}

Nope, the title of this post does not refer to the blockbuster animated movie…rather, the arctic temperatures that we braved to do this session. This family lives in a gorgeous home on a hilltop so the winds were extra blustery on this winter morning. We did some outdoors (can you believe the kids took their coats off?!) I promise, I did not force them to! Then we headed inside to take the rest – we were just too FROZEN!!! These guys are adorable and fun – the three siblings were super awesome together. How incredible is their home?! Their front door is my favorite:)


Fall Five {South Orange, Maplewood, New Jersey Family Photographer}

This family is technically a party of five since their adorable dog was their first child, thus the oh-so-clever-title here – “Fall Five”. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I feel truly honored to photograph my friends and this is no exception. Their oldest definitely gave me a run for my money – as most 3 year old clients do! Baby sis was turning 1 which was a special milestone to capture here – what a cutie! We worked hard for the sister shots and I think the results are pretty sweet. Thanks to these fun parents, silly kiddos, and precious pup for a beautiful photo shoot on a gorgeous fall day! Shot at the Duck Pond in South Orange, NJ.


Energizer Bunnies

These two cuties were full of energy and definitely kept me on my toes! Their smiles were awesome and they loved playing with their Mom and Dad. We had a great time exploring Pier C in Hoboken, NJ this fall, and playing in the park nearby. I love these shots of this tight-knit family. It was especially important for them to get these photos in as they are about to move to “the burbs” … good luck guys!! Thanks for a really fun session!